w コース案内|【成田市・豊里市】英会話教室、中国語教室をお探しなら、外国人教師に教わる英会話スクール『ペラペラワールド』


PelaPela World Language School



全て英語を母国語とする講師が担当(日本語で質問があれば日本人スタッフの補助もいたします)。 時間、生徒様の英語習得レベルに合わせご希望にそうようレッスンを作っていきます。



The art of Speaking English. The art of speaking English comes from confidence. With confidence you will be able to overcome any obstacle the language throws at you. I am not saying that Grammar is not important, it is, but speaking or attempting to speak the language should be the most important step in learning any language. Speaking garners practice and with practice Grammar is inevitable. Just give it time. So do not worry too much about pronunciations and proper use of tenses, just try to express your self the best you can with whatever English you know. Remember that fluency in any language comes through a lot of practice and confidence. You must be able to speak or at least try to speak before you can polish up that English. Let's start practicing today. I dare you to be confident and spontaneous. Ophia Woolery.



八街市の依頼で2歳児対象にレッスンをおこないました。 先生はアネッタです。小さなお子様があきないよう手を替え品を替えです。 先生にとっては体力勝負でもあります。





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